Kindergarten Acceleration

Kindergarten Acceleration

A parent/guardian requesting kindergarten acceleration must follow the procedures listed below:

Appeals of the committee’s decision by the parent/guardian shall be through the standard parent/guardian appeals process beginning at Level 2.

Important note: Kindergarten students must meet the age requirement by being 5 on or before September 1.

  1. Submit a written request* to the campus principal seeking consideration of accelerating his/her child to first grade. The request must be submitted within the first two weeks of school or within 2 weeks of enrollment, but no later than October 1.  The child will be initially placed in kindergarten while information is collected by the school to determine if acceleration is appropriate.
  2. The principal will schedule a conference with the parent/guardian, counselor, the child’s pre-kindergarten teacher (if applicable), a kindergarten teacher, and a first grade teacher to review the kindergarten and first grade curriculum.
  3. If after review of the curricular expectations of first grade, the parent/guardian still desires to have their child placed initially in first grade, the parent will sign a request for individual testing.
  4. Within 20 school days, the campus will complete the following:
    1. Administer formal assessments to the child
    2. Conduct observations of the student by a first grade teacher and a school counselor
  5. By the end of the 20 school day period, a campus committee consisting of the student’s pre-kindergarten teacher (if applicable), a kindergarten teacher, a first grade teacher, a counselor, and a campus administrator will review available data and make a placement decision. Options available to the committee include:
    1. Placement in kindergarten
    2. Student is accelerated to first grade

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