Employment FAQ

Employment Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Application says “pending” what does that mean?
A: All applications will have a “pending” status until the posting has updates. 
Q: I’ve applied to CCISD before. Now what?
A: Log onto your account to submit your already registered application to the job vacancy that you’re interested in. Please make sure that you use the same log in and password to avoid having to start all over again. If you cannot remember your password please call the HR office for that information.
Q: I’lve applied for a position and would like to know my status.
A: All of our campus principles/ department supvervisors are in charge of screening resumes and setting up interviews. If you would like to discuss the status of your application, please call the campus or department where the job is located. You will see the district location in the job posting. Ex: Position at Martin Walker Elementary School, please call Martin Walker Elementary School. Inquiring about a Bus Driver opening, please call the Transporation department etc.