Copyrights Procedures for Print

Copyrights Responsibilities for Educators


Copyright is the exclusive right to reproduce, publish, and sell
the matter and form of a literary, musical or artistic work.




What can I copy?

A single copy of a chapter from a book, a newspaper or magazine article, a short story, short essay, or short poem, or a single chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon or picture from a book, periodical or newspaper may be made for personal or research use, or for the use in teaching a class.


Multiple copies for a classroom use?


Yes, but copy length is limited: you may copy a whole poem only if it is under 250 words (or a 250 word excerpt for a longer poem); a whole article, story or essay only if it is less than 2500 words (or an excerpt if it is less than 1000 words or 10% of a work, whichever is less); a single cart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon, or picture per book or magazine; and only two pages of a picture book (as long as the two pages don't contain more than 10% of the total text of the book.).


How many copies may I make?


You can make a single copy of the items listed above if the copy is for person use, research or to teach a class. For multiple copies for classroom use you can make only enough copies for each pupil enrolled in the course, i.e., no "extra" copies. You may not copy more than one entire item (or two excerpt) from a single author, or three article from a single book or periodical volume during one class term (semester or year, depending on the course). You can not have more than nine instances of multiple copying per course during a class term.


When and how may I use the copies?


You, the teacher, must make the decision to make the copies. (Your principal or supervisor is not allowed to tell you to make copies of copyrighted material.) You must decide to make the copies so close to the time you would need them in class that writing for permission would be reasonable. (Two weeks would be a reasonable time.) You can only copy the item for one course (all your English I class, for example.) Each item copied must have a notice of copyright.


This sounds hard! Why don't you just tell me what I can't copy?


You can never copy, in any form, items intended to be consumable. That includes workbook pages, standardized tests, coloring books, answer sheets, test booklets, etc. You also can't make so many different copies that you are, in effect, creating your own textbook. Copying cannot take the place of books, publisher's reprints or magazine subscriptions. You can't charge students for copying above the actual cost of the copies. And you can't copy the Same materials from semester to semester. In other words, if you copied the last semester, you can't copy in again without getting permission from the copyright owner.



This brochure was reprinted from Copyright for Schools: A Practical Guide, 5th edition,
by Carol Simpson, Linworth Publishing, copyright 2010.



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