• Theatre Arts Handbook

    H¡, I’m Ms. Maberry, the Theatre Arts Program Director. Theatre Arts is an elective course offered to grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. The Theatre Arts Program includes practical experience in staging plays which includes: acting, directing, writing, stage managing, set design, lighting & sound design, costumes, props, and make-up. The skills developed in Theatre Arts can be implemented in all facets of life and are reflective of: organization, time management, teamwork, conceptualization, and art appreciation.


    Students should be prepared with the following every day of class:
    2 pencils
    2 highlighters (different colors)
    1 Spiral Notebook
    In order to have and maintain quality theatrical performances, attendance from all members is essential. The following guidelines outline the attendance procedures and policies as related to after school rehearsals and performances:
    - Roll will be checked at the start of rehearsal
    - Students not in place will be counted tardy
    - Tardiness will be excused at the discretion of the director. Tutorials, appointments, etc. will be excused ONLY if prior notice has been given IN WRITING to the director.
    - Tardiness will be treated under the school tardy policy found in Student Handbook. Any required detention will be served accordingly.
    -Excused absences will include emergencies only. A parent phone call or email PRIOR to the event is required for the absence to be excused.
    -Unexcused absences receive a zero for participation for the activity. Unexcused performance absences could cause the student to loose their position in Theatre Arts.
    -A make-up grade will be given for missed rehearsal if the student turns in a one-page report on any actor or play. Missed performances will require a three-page research paper to include bibliography. These assignments must be turned in no later than one week after the date of absence.

    Grades will be based on individual performance (individual and group), group work, projects, journals, and tests. Major grades are 60% of the grade and include tests, performances, major projects; minor grades make up 40% of your grade and are daily assignments, journals and classroom participation and performance.
    As a Theatre Arts member, you are expected to display above average conduct at all times. This is not limited to Theatre Arts activities, but encompasses daily classroom and campus behavior. Failure to maintain good conduct will result in disciplinary actions at the teacher’s discretion.

    The CCHS Theatre Arts Program will be performing throughout the school year. Attendance and participation are expected and will affect the grade. Failure to participate may result in failing the class or being removed from the Program. Absences are not given during performances because the production is reliant on all being in attendance. Non-participation in after school rehearsals and performances will result in a zero for the grade.

    Performances are for three reasons: 1) be a part of a live performance; 2) compete and/or entertain; 3) learn by watching others perform. Students are expected to be on time for rehearsals, perform to their very best ability, remain attentive during other’s performances and remain with the group until dismissed by the teacher. You may NOT leave during a play. You are to stay and support the other performers who are performing.

    Performance etiquette includes silence and attentiveness from the audience as well as the Theatre Arts members. Please do not disrupt the performances by shouting, hooting, calling names, and getting up and down during performances. These are not pep rallies, so we need to respect those performing. Thank you.

    Winter Plays - Dates TBD
    Spring Plays - Dates TBD
    School performances, and Other performances as opportunity arises

    Many Theatre Arts activities are designated by the state as extra-curricular. The state law regarding participation therefore governs these activities. The state law is such that a student shall be suspended from participation in all extra-curricular activities sponsored by or sanctioned by the school district during the six week period following a grade reporting period in which the student received a grade lower than a 70 in ANY ONE class. However, the student may not be suspended from participation during the period in which school is recessed for the summer. Also, students are not suspended from practice or rehearsal of extra-curricular activities.
    Students may regain eligibility under certain circumstances. If a student has been suspended as a result of failing, he/she may regain eligibility by passing ALL courses in the third week of the affected grading period. Thus, he/she may regain eligibility at the conclusion of the 4th week of the suspension period.
    Certain Theatre Arts activities are designed by state as co-curricular. These activities are those, which occur on campus and are an extension of the learning-taking place in the classroom. The state eligibility laws do not govern these activities.

    The Theatre students may occasionally travel by school bus. Student conduct is expected to be at the highest level on any trip.
    - Students must travel to the events and return from the events on the school bus.  Any students wishing to leave with a parent must notify the teacher in writing prior to the event. A decision will be rendered based on the circumstances involved.
    - Students must have all necessary forms completed and returned in order to travel on any trip.
    - Students must have all Theatre Arts grades up to date and all classes in academics at passing level in order to participate.
    - Students must not have discipline problems at school (either in Theatre Arts or in other classes) in order to travel.

    While on the bus, students will:
    - Remain seated at all times
    - Sit properly in a forward position
    - Keep the bus clear of food, drinks and debris
    - Keep all body parts inside the bus
    - Remain silent when addressed by the teachers, chaperones, bus driver or other adults.
    - Refrain from loud, boisterous talking, screaming, whistling, etc.
    - Refrain from public displays of affection

    Adult chaperones are a great asset for the Theatre Arts Program. Proper respect will be shown to all adults associated with the Theatre Arts Program at all times. Parents are encouraged to volunteer to chaperone activities. Parents must complete the district volunteer background check. Please see Ms. Maberry or the office for this form.

    Students will wear performance costumes or backstage attire as the event dictates. No student will be allowed to participate without proper attire. Please direct any questions or concerns to the Theatre Arts Director.

    It is the desire of CCHS Theatre Arts that no student be denied the privilege of membership due to financial hardship. Arrangements can be made with the director for those students who are in need of such consideration. Please let Ms. Maberry know immediately in writing if you need help in purchasing or supplying your required attire. Please include your name, parent contact information and what you need as well as your clothing size.

    The CCHS Theatre Arts will have fund raising activities for 2014/2015. The money raised will be credited to the account held by the school to be used only for the direct benefit of the students in the Theatre Arts. Money in fundraising accounts is subject to state law regarding the collection of sales tax.

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