Resources for Student Projects 

The first place to look for images is Britannica Image Quest! Copy and paste the MLA citation in your bibliography. It is found on the right side of the image's page.
Look HERE for MLA Bibliography Style Sheet.

Click hereif you need to ask Mrs. Carswell for help during school hours.

Click hereif you need to ask Mrs. Carswell for help during after school hours.

Although you may use these images and music in your school projects, you must always cite the sources in your bibliography.

Google Advanced Image Search may be used if you limit the results to images with Usage Rights that are labeled for reuse.

Always check the licensing for the images you choose to make sure you can use it and to see if you need to give attribution to the owner. (acknowledge them on the image and in the bibliography) 

Fair Use Notice- Use this notice if you include copyrighted materials in your project/presentation.

You must always include the images in your bibliography just as you would any other sources you use. Click HERE for Bib Format Examples.


Spartan Guide for Copyright Friendly Images, Music, and Video sources. Institute of Museum and Library Science Digital Content
Gateway just add "image" to your keyword search to retrieve results. 

U. S. Government Photos and Multimedia

Shambles Directory for Sound Effects and Music Websites

 Image Websites

Microsoft Office Online for clipart, photos, animations, and sounds

Wikimedia Commons Creative Commons licensed photos  a great place to find images but a little more difficult to cite properly. Use to help you.

Search for Creative Commons licensed photographs in Flickr using BlueMountain
Flickr Storm will give you the proper attribution which you may paste onto the image. Public domain photos from various government agencies.
MorgueFile is a site with creative commons images you may use without attribution.

CompFight   Use CompFight to search for images with Creative Commons licenses.

Pics4Learning is a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students that includes the citation for you to copy for your bibliography!

Music Websites


Artist/Group name.

Title of the Song. Manufacturer. Format..


Only 10% of a copyrighted recorded piece of music can be used under fair use guidelines. So, to keep it legal, it is best to use music from one of the sites below for your school projects. - Royalty Free Music For Schools

See Mrs. Carswell for the login and password.

How do we cite Soundzabound for proper attribution?

Title / Artist / Soundzabound Royalty Free Music,

Click here for video tutorials about using Soundzabound and Audacity to create podcasts.

Purple-Planet- Creative Commons licensing with attribution to Purple-Planet
Incompetech Please give credit to Kevin McCloud. Blocked by school filter.

Musopen - Copyright free classical music. Music you may use published under Creative Commons Copyright Guidelines

Partners in Rhyme royalty free music and sound effects
Wikimedia Commons audio and video files
The FreeSound Project is a collaborative database of creative commons licensed sounds, not songs. You must be logged on to download so see Mrs. Carswell about downloading sounds for you.


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