Science Links
Check out these cool science web sites!

How do you stay in your seat when the roller coaster is upside down and going 70 MPH?  Find out how the designers of roller coasters use the laws of physics to design mind-boggling, screaming, seemingly death-defying roller coasters!


Color Matters   

Color DOES matter!  This is where you can actually see how animals see colors, answer the age-old question of 'Why are school busses yellow?'; look inside the human eye, and understand how color influences what we wear.



Brain Pop

Another great site from Brain Pop.  This science site has movies, and you can learn about the Earth, our Solar System, our Environment, Chemistry, Energy, Ecology, and Weather.




In the Weird Science section of this great website, you'll find all kinds of fun science things to read about and do!  Try the 'Tornado in a Bowl'; the 'Indoor Rainbow'; 'Color a Flower'; 'Greenhouse in a Bottle' and the amazing 'Water Drinking Candle!' 

Read about the things you do everyday and how they were invented.  How about a car?  Electricity?  The telephone? Computers?  Read about these 20th century inventions and learn how engineering has helped to shape the world.
From the worlds of science, home, animals, autos, communications, and everything else - How Stuff Works explains it all!

From the 'Land Down Under', Questacon makes science fun!  Go and explore the illusions, activities, puzzles and the amazing star lab!
Time Magazine for kids brings you this great website.  Sections are segmented by grade level.  Read interviews with your favorite authors, and explore different parts of the world!  You could even be a kid reporter!
Updated September 2011 
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