Mrs. Griffin, Coordinator of Early Education

Curriculum Links

A service that answers your grammar, usage, composition & editing questions.  Includes a list of resources which includes KidZone Magazine, Grammar & Style Notes and 11 Rules of Writing.
Filled with educational games, for kids under 6 to 17 & up. There is also the Homework Relief Center, arcades, comics, movies, reading, and grade-level appropriate games.


Featuring the works of author Kenn Nesbitt, this site has books, funny poems, games, a rhyming dictionary and poetry lessons.
Explore the world of Bill Nye, the science guy!  See home demos, solve the question of the week, and look at episode guides.


Cool Science for Curios Kids

This amazing website from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute has an array of subjects students may be interested in like the webcasts on 'Mapping Memory in the Human Brain' and 'The Immume System'to having some of the nation's leading scientists answer the question 'What does it take to be a scientist (It's not all about brains!)' to Curious Kids, where kids ask 'Would you eat roots and stems?' and why butterflies don't look like caterpillars, but they are related.


Another great site from Brain Pop.  This science site has movies, and you can learn about the Earth, our Solar System, our Environment, Chemistry, Energy, Ecology, and Weather.

A comprehensive set of math lessons grouped by grade (Kindergarten to Seventh Grade).  Unlimited practice and a wide range of lessons allow learning or review for all.
A website that is simply 'all math'.  Play games, read math humor, read the math articles, and look at the math career options.

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