bannaaSnack Time

The classes will have a snack time in the afternoon every day.  Each child will be assigned a day of the month to bring snacks, including drinks. Please provide enough snacks/drinks for 24 students. A snack bag will be sent home with your child as a reminder that the next school day is their assigned snack day. Depending on the number of days in the month and the number of students, some months may have your child bringing snack twice while the next month not at all. 

Due to the requirements regarding foods of minimal nutritional value, you may only bring the following snacks:



Minute Maid fruit juices boxes (must be 100% juice and Minute Maid)

Low Fat Grain Foods

Pretzels                                                        Animal crackers

Graham crackers                                           Wheat crackers

English muffins (whole wheat)                       Rice cakes (flavored)

Baked tortilla chips with salsa                       Fruit or grain muffin (low fat)

Dry cereal (individual servings)                      Bagel (halves)

Fig bars                                                         Vanilla wafers

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh seasonal fruit

Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower with low fat dip or low fat salad dressing

Additional Treats

Fruit snacks                                                 Fruit grain bars

Frozen fruit bars                                         Popcorn (94% fat-free)

*Peanut butter and crackers*                      Low fat string cheese

*Fruit, nut and/or grain trail mixes*

*depending on student food allergies in your child’s class


If you send something from this list that requires spoons or cups, please send those items also. If you send a snack that is not on this list or that is not nutritional, we must return it with your child.
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