Parent Reading Resources
Third Grade

The following information has been provided by the Florida Center for Reading Research:
1. Create a special workspace and schedule daily quiet time for your child to do his/her homework from school. Be sure this is a time you are available to help if needed.

2. Schedule 15 minutes of special time everyday to listen to your child read.

3. Go to the school library, public library, or to the local bookstore once each week and read a new book together. After you read each book, ask your child what the main character did or felt like at the end of the story. Ask if he/she has ever felt like the main character in the book. Why or why not?

4. Encourage reading fluency by having your child read and reread familiar books. It can also be helpful to have your child read a short passage over several times while you record the time it takes. Children often enjoy seeing if they can improve their time from one reading to the next, and the repeated reading helps to establish a habit of fluent reading.

5. Highlight or underline words that you can sound out from the day's "junk mail." Ask your child to read these words.

6. Make a simple recipe with him, allowing him to read each direction to you step by step so you'll "know what to do."






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