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Campus Start/End Times


School start and end times for elementary, middle and high school are listed below. For campus-specific schedule information, please refer to a school website’s Campus Info page.




Mae Stevens Early Learning Academy

AM Session 7:25A.M. - 10:45  A.M.
PM Session 12:00 P.M. - 3:02 P.M.




7:40 A.M. - School Day Begins
3:17 P.M. - School Day Ends



Junior High

8:00 A.M. - School Day Begins
3:46 P.M. - School Day Ends



High School

8:05 A.M. – School Day Begins
3:55 P.M. – School Day Ends



Crossroads High School / DAEP

7:55 A.M. - School Day Begins
3:32 P.M. – School Day Ends