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Credit By Exam for Acceleration (EA)

Credit by Exam for Acceleration (EA)

(Without Prior Instruction)


Policies EHDC(Legal); EHDC(Local)


  • A student in grades 1-12 who has had no prior instruction in a course may take an Exam for Acceleration(EA) by completing and submitting an application with approval of a parent/guardian, a teacher, and a principal.
  • A student in grades 1-5 will accelerate one grade level if the student scores 80% or above on the criterion-referenced test for the grade level to be skipped in each of the following areas: language arts (ELAR), math, science, and social studies.
  • A student in grades 6-12 will receive credit for an academic subject if the student scores an 80% or better on the criterion-referenced test for the applicable course.
  • A student may only attempt acceleration two times for the same grade/subject.
  • If a student fails to earn credit by examination (by taking an EA) for a specific high school course before the beginning of the school year in which the student would ordinarily be required to enroll in that course in accordance with the District’s prescribed course sequence, the student must satisfactorily complete the course to receive credit for the course.
  • Grades from EA will not be averaged with other grades to determine class rank. [EIC(Local)]
  • Regardless of the date an EA is taken, placement in a new course will take place at the beginning of a school year, or at the semester for a semester course.

Credit by Exam/Exam for Acceleration Testing

Testing Window:

Application Deadline:

July 12-15, 2022

June 16, 2022

November 1-3, 2022

October 3, 2022

February 21-24, 2023

January 13, 2023

June 5-7, 2023

May 8, 2023


Contact campus counselor for more information or registration forms.