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Homeless/MVP Information

McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act of 2001 allows for assistance through Every Student Succeeds Act (previously known as No Child Left Behind) and Title I, Part A to students who are identified as homeless.  Homelessness is defined as not having a regular, fixed, or adequate nighttime residence. This includes children/youth sharing the housing of others due to economic hardship or other unforeseen situations that causes a lose of housing. Families (or unaccompanied youth) may also live in hotels, trailers, parks, camping grounds, shelters, or other alternative accommodations.
If a student is in a possible homeless situation, the district/school must immediately enroll the student even in the absence of records that are normally required for enrollment. The district/school personnel may not ask for proof of residency or ask the parent/guardian to return at a later time/date. A parent/guardian may enroll their student in the zoned school in which they currently reside in or the student may continue to attend his/her school of origin. "School of origin" is defined as the school in which the student attended when permanently housed or the school in which the student was last enrolled.
During the registration process the parent/guardian or student will be asked to fill out a Student Residency Questionnaire (SRQ). The SRQ will be forwarded to the district Homeless Liaison for further inquiry. The Homeless Liaison will make a determination for the most part immediately following the inquiry and the decision of whether or not a student is eligible for MVP (McKinney-Vento Program) services will be discussed with the parent/guardian. In rare cases, the Homeless Liaison may consult with a representative at the Texas Homeless Education Office (THEO) for a final determination. Due to changes in economic situations between school years, the SRQ is sent home to every child in the district within the first week of school. A parent/guardian or student may also request the SRQ at any point during the school year.
Once a student is declared eligible for MVP services, a copy of the SRQ is forwarded to the Child Nutrition Department to be placed on the Free Breakfast/Lunch program. The student is served for the entire school year regardless of change in status. Additional services may include assistance with school supplies, clothing and transportation to the student's school of origin (even if it crosses districts and is feasible to the districts and student). 
If you are in a homeless situation, contact Shelley Brown or Sheri Welch at 254-547-1227.


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