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S. C. Lee Junior High prepares to defend state cheer title; All-American named at camp

Posted Date: 07/28/2022

S. C. Lee Junior High prepares to defend state cheer title; All-American named at camp

GEORGETOWN, TX (July 26, 2022)—The S. C. Lee Junior High Cheer squad has swelled to 23 students this year and most of them are incoming sixth graders. The majority are first-time cheerleaders. But that did not stop the reigning state champions from winning a slew of awards, under the coaching instruction of teachers Jade Cooper and Deneshia Gray, at the National Cheer Association Camp in Georgetown.

The highest honor that a cheerleader can receive is to be named an All-American Cheerleader. As a seventh grader, squad captain Yulianna Medina, earned the award and the opportunity to cheer in the Orlando Thanksgiving Tour in Florida or the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade in Pennsylvania.

“The most challenging thing was performing in front of a crowd and all the hard work leading up to it. Our team put in a lot of effort over the three days at camp. But in the end, everything was worth it,” Medina said. “I feel like the challenges allowed us to build the trust and respect we needed as a team. It made us work harder because we wanted to win the camp awards.”

Teacher and cheer coach, Jade Cooper, said the key was meshing the experienced cheerleaders with those just starting out.

“We teach our students to practice whenever they can and ask questions if needed. Our girls are a dedicated group and they come ready with a positive attitude and willingness to work and give 100 percent,” Cooper said. “I am looking forward to football season because we enjoy being the sideline entertainment and I am also looking forward to competition season.”

Cheer Lieutenant Macey Hudson earned All-American Cheerleader Nominee honors and said the most challenging thing at camp was learning the different stunt positions and safety rules.

“This is my second year on the team and my first year as an officer, so to be able to serve my team in a different way was rewarding for me,” the seventh grader said.

With so many new members of adolescent age, teamwork was the key to the squad’s success said Lieutenant Lexi Lowery.

“I had to teach each cheerleader to learn how to get along and push forward,” the seventh grader said. “Team bonding can be fun, but it can also be challenging with different personalities.”

The squad heads back to the NCA State Championship in January to defend its state title in hopes of improving last year’s top 12 placement at the NCA National Championship.



The S.C. Lee Junior High Cheerleaders earned multiple awards at the National Cheer Association Camp in Georgetown. The team is coached by teachers Jade Copper and Deneshia Gray.  

-All-American Cheerleader: Yulianna Medina

-3 All-American Cheerleader nominees: Macey Hudson, Karissa Kinzey and Kya Alexandre

-1st place Chant Division

-1st place Band Chant Division

-3 Superior Ratings, the highest rating teams can receive, on Band Chant, Cheer, and Chant

-Herkie Team Award for the best overall team during camp which was voted on by the NCA Camp Staff

-Herkie Team Award on Day 2, which was voted on by all teams attending camp

-National Federation of State High School Associations credentialed team and coaches

-Bid to NCA Nationals in Dallas, TX

-Spirit Stick all 3 days of camp

-Danica Diaz: "America Needs Cheerleaders" Award for being the perfect example of what it means to truly be a cheerleader

-Coach Deneshia Gray won the "Been There, Done That" Award

-Coach Jade Cooper won the "Positively Prepared" Award