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Purple Military Star Designations awarded to Copperas Cove campuses

Posted Date: 10/12/2022

Purple Military Star Designations awarded to Copperas Cove campuses

COPPERAS COVE, TX (October 3, 2022)—Nine of 11, more than 80 percent, of Copperas Cove ISD’s campuses are being honored for their support of military families.

The Purple Military Star Designation is an accolade started in 2021 and is awarded by the Texas Education Agency to reward those schools who provide support to military-connected students and their families.

House Creek Elementary School Counselor Amy Simpson said schools play a crucial role in the social and emotional support that military students desperately need as they transition from one place to another. 

“In a district with a large number of military-connected students, CCISD places a great deal of importance on the well-being of those we serve. We are so lucky to have such a large number of military-connected students throughout Copperas Cove,” Simpson said. “By providing an immediate welcome through student-led tours and introductions to friends and supportive staff members, military students can feel more at ease with the challenges they face in a new environment.” 

Nearly all of CCISD campuses have functioning Student2Student groups that welcome new students to each campus, providing them immediate support and friendship, reducing isolation and loneliness.

Crossroads High School Counselor Audrey Trahan said it is important to serve the needs of military students because just like their parents serve the nation, so do the children.

“Understanding the unique challenges that our military students face and being able to offer them a sense of belonging and support them is key to their learning and development. Having to move a lot and being worried about your parent being deployed is a stressor that our students face. Giving them a connection and a friend at school, sometimes helps with those stressors,” Trahan said. “The Student2Student program strives to help every new student feel welcomed and like they have a friend, a connection, and someone they can to talk to even on their very first day of school. While we can’t help them with the stress and worries about their parents being deployed, we can certainly give them a connection at school. Often that one friend and one connection can change a life forever.”

Simpson said that with the unique challenges that military students face, it is important that they feel welcomed and accepted wherever they may land.

“I love the idea of the dandelion being a symbol for our military students. It represents resilience, strength, and the ability to flourish no matter where the wind takes them,” Simpson said. “These students do not have a choice when or where they go somewhere new.  It is so important that ‘where they land’ becomes a place of safety, security, and caring.” 

For the last two consecutive years, Copperas Cove ISD schools have been named the best elementary schools in the nation for military children by the Military Child Education Coalition. House Creek Elementary earned the international honor in 2022 with Clements/Parsons Elementary receiving the award in 2021.



Nine of Copperas Cove ISD’s 11 campuses were selected to receive the TEA’s Purple Military Star Designation for support provided to military families. Campuses must meet specific criteria to earn the Purple Military Star designation.

1) Designate a campus-based military liaison that supports military-connected students and their families and offers professional development opportunities for staff members on issues related to military-connected students.

2) Create and maintain an easily accessible web page that includes information for military-connected students and their families.

3) Must have a campus transition program that includes introductions to the school environment and processes. Student leaders or ambassadors should be support or sponsored by a campus-based staff member; organize and host newcomer social events, facilitate guided tours of the campus, and accompanying new students to lunch the first week of school.

4) Offer at least one of the following initiatives.

--A resolution showing support for military-connected students and families;

--Participation in Month of the Military Child or Military Family Month or a partnership with a school liaison officer to encourage and provide opportunities for active-duty military members.

Copperas Cove ISD campuses receiving the honor this year are listed below.

C.R. Clements/Hollie Parsons Elementary School

Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary School

Hettie Halstead Elementary School

House Creek Elementary School

Martin Walker Elementary School

Williams Ledger Elementary School

Mae Stevens Early Learning Academy

Copperas Cove Junior High School

Copperas Cove High School