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Cove ISD students practice responsible digital citizenship in technological world

Posted Date: 10/12/2022

Cove ISD students practice responsible digital citizenship in technological world

COPPERAS COVE, TX (October 11, 2022)—Copperas Cove High School senior Elise Fuselier is a busy teenager attending school as an honor student, playing sports, working a part-time job, and volunteering at her church. She uses text messages and social media as ways to stay in touch with others.

“As teens and young adults, a lot of times we don’t think before posting or texting, so we don’t realize exactly how harmful our actions can be for our future. The internet itself is dangerous. However, the way we present ourselves on it is even more dangerous,” Fuselier said. “We all know that what is put on the internet, though it can be deleted from our phones and our pages, it cannot ever be really deleted. When applying for jobs, to colleges and other opportunities, those who review applications are in charge of making sure they pick the absolute best candidates. They want someone who they can trust not to embarrass their company or college. To do so, they put your name in a special database that shows nearly every post you have made, good and bad, positive and negative. This can be more detrimental than you realize, but in the long run, it’s better to not only be mindful of the things you put on social media, but to also not say or do anything that could potentially harm you in the future.”

Digital Citizenship Week is October 17-22. CCISD students, staff, and parents will receive brief bytes of information on all campuses to include elementary, junior high, and high school. Elementary students will enjoy frequent mini lessons as part of the social studies curriculum and through social/emotional lessons. The lessons will be based largely on curriculum from,, and and will offer parents an opportunity to get involved with their students in practicing good digital citizenship.

Parents will also receive social media and Schoology videos of students addressing the digital citizenship issue and Family Activity Tips that can be done at home with their students.

“CCISD is committed to encouraging safe and healthy use of technology among its students and staff through digital citizenship education,” said CCISD Director of Digital Learning and Innovation Holly Landez. “Digital Citizenship Week is an opportune time promote several concepts with students and parents. We will offer opportunities for students to consider how much screen time is healthy, how to protect their privacy online, and how to maintain a positive digital footprint.”

With every student in CCISD being issued a device, learning responsible digital citizenship is a requirement. Earlier this month, Copperas Cove ISD installed an online service called Bark which essentially conducts content monitoring and alerts school administrators to potential issues. 

“Those alerts bring to light areas in which we can aid students in becoming responsible digital citizens,” said CCISD Director of Technology Maron Samuel. “While we celebrate the use of technology, we are also responsible for keeping our kids safe online and to set them up for success in this digital age.” 

CCHS sophomore Emily Kimball says social media is a big part of life as a teenager.

“Responsibility on social media and when sending texts is important because when you put something in print on the internet or a text, it is permanent. Just because you have deleted it, it does not go away,” Kimball said. “Not being responsible when posting and texting can affect you not only now in school activities you are involved in but also when you are applying for a job, college, or other activities as an adult.”