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Storybook character parade reinforces love of literacy

Posted Date: 03/10/2023

Storybook character parade reinforces love of literacy

COPPERAS COVE, TX (March 7, 2023)—Fancy Nancy touched her pearls as she made her way through the crowds of onlookers. Her brimmed hat shielded her face from the Texas sun. The Good Egg employed large strides as he made his way through the parade route.

Williams/Ledger Elementary kindergarten students enjoyed a Storybook Character Parade as Librarian Savannah Taylor, dressed up as Belle from her favorite book, Beauty and the Beast, led the procession. Storybook Character Day is an activity which allows students to share about their favorite storybook character.

“Kindergarten teaching standards begin with print orientation such as teaching students to hold books correctly and track from left to right. This leads into literary elements which includes characters,” Taylor said. “All year their teachers teach these lessons and the library lessons I teach support what they learn in the classroom.”

The young scholars dressed as their favorite characters from traditional books, comic books, and other reading materials.

“Many students shared with me during our weekly library time together who they wanted to be (in the parade) and we had conversations about books they could choose to represent that character,” Taylor said. “Often, we see recycled Halloween costumes, which is great because it starts the conversation about how many movies were books first. Many students do not realize this and are amazed to find their favorite movies in print which sparks a greater desire for reading.”

Kindergartener Ophelia Runyan chose the storybook character of Harry Potter.

“I like the books. I chose Harry Potter because he has a lightning bolt on his head. I like when he used his (wand) to cast spells,” Runyan said.

Kindergartener Scarlett Gerard wore her Minnie Mouse dress and carried her favorite book featuring the same Disney character as she walked through the parade.

“I love the parade. It made me feel special, like in the holiday book,” Gerard said. “Mommy gave it to me, and she read it to me. I felt special like that.”

Taylor said the Storybook Character Parade is the only event which puts kindergarten students as the spotlight.

“When students have an anchor to learning, such as an event like the book character parade, it creates a memory,” Taylor said. “The more memories we can make involving literature, the more we can develop a lifelong love of learning.”

The parade was followed by a Reading on the Lawn event where parents and their students sat on school grounds reading their favorite books together.