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Crossroads High RESET program benefits from annual car show

Posted Date: 05/18/2023

Crossroads High RESET program benefits from annual car show

COPPERAS COVE, TX (May 9, 2023)—From fully restored in 1960s Dodge Chargers and Ford Mustangs to modern sports cars and dragsters, Crossroads High School hosted its third annual car show event to benefit the school’s RESET program, an in-school program based on the U.S. Army Sergeant Audie Murphy RESET initiative that supports the development of the whole student.

R - recognize your wonderfully made

E - embolden by being a better version of self

S - Shift in mindset

E - gradually evolve through positive reinforcers

T - character transformation 

“I joined RESET originally as a break from my school work, but now it helps me learn how to handle, express, and properly use my emotions to better myself on a daily basis,” student Neleha Jett said.

The program was established in 2020 to address students' emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and family awareness.  Any student who attends Crossroads High School is eligible to join the RESET program under the advisement of Career/Technology Education and Credit Recovery teacher Michael Veal.

“Our goal is to continue to bring awareness to the community about how we challenge our youth to dream big in the RESET life skill program,” Veal said. “We show students what right looks like by providing trust and respect in a fostering classroom, a safe learning environment that is full of meaningful and relevant learning material, strengthening student-teacher relationships, and establishing boundaries to counter unwanted behaviors that are not inducive to a healthy learning environment.”

Proceeds from the annual car show are used to purchase RESET youth attire, physical equipment, classroom materials, and future road trips. The event raises approximately $2000 thanks to the generous sponsors and participants.

“I started coming to RESET to help with my headspace,” student Mason Blackwell said. “I was really in a bad place thinking I wasn't good at anything, even though I was told I was. But I fought with my thoughts and feelings. Mr. Veal has helped me a lot with everything through the RESET program.”

Working with students who are behind in their credits and not on track to graduate on time, Veal, a 26-year Army veteran, started the RESET program in 2020. The program’s success led to Veal being named the 2021 Crossroads High School Rookie Teacher of the Year and 2022 VFW Teacher of the year.

“I joined because enrollment in the program qualified as school credit,” student Harry Rizor said. “Although with time, I've learned confidence in myself and how to follow my dreams and never look back.”