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From Instagram to S.C. Lee: Cove teacher wins book giveaway

Posted Date: 11/03/2023

From Instagram to S.C. Lee: Cove teacher wins book giveaway

COPPERAS COVE, Texas – Many of us have likely seen, maybe even entered, a social media giveaway, whether it’s for a collectible, designer clothing or anything else.

In October, Mrs. Jana Cox at S.C. Lee Junior High School in Copperas Cove won one which benefitted the entire campus on Cove’s north side.

On August 17th, New York Times best-selling author Dhonielle Clayton posted a giveaway on her Instagram page, offering a class set of her novels The Marvellers and The Memory Thieves to one class in each state. Cox, an ESL teacher at the school, entered it thinking it was a long shot.

As October began, Mrs. Cox forgot about the giveaway, even went to buy The Memory Thieves herself, never having heard whether she won or not.

Lo and behold, four boxes arrived full of books during seventh period one day.

“I knew exactly what do with them,” Cox said.

In those boxes, The Marvellers and The Memory Thieves, enough for a classroom.

Her longshot Instagram entry had paid off.

“I couldn’t just keep them for my class,” Cox said. “I wanted the whole school to be able to enjoy the wonderful writing and world that is built in Ms. Clayton’s pages.”

In total, 44 books were distributed to the Reading & Language Arts teachers at S.C. Lee Junior High, meaning this Instagram giveaway will benefit every student at the school.