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House Creek students bring famous Americans to life

Posted Date: 01/10/2019

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Have you ever seen the movie, Night at the Museum, the film where everything comes to life with the museum closes? House Creek Elementary has found a way to create its own living museum using its students.

Student selected various role models to represent in the museum, then learned about him/her so they could provide museum visitors information about their historical figures. During the museum presentation, students are encouraged to dress up as their characters.

The project encompasses Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and Technology Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills from the second English Language Arts unit in the Texas curriculum. Through the required portfolio, students must include timelines, researched facts, and biographical poems. They are given a grading rubric to use as a guideline for set expectations of the project. The project is broken down into stages and takes about 3-4 weeks to complete. Each student works at his own pace to complete each stage.

Student Darianna Cox chose to represent a former First Lady of the United States.

"It was fun to learn about Michelle Obama and how she helped people and how she stuck up for women's rights," Cox said.

The main research resource for students were biography books from the school library. Students needing more information used other library databases such as PebbleGo and World Book.

For their presentations, students were required to dress up and memorize three facts--birth date, date of death or still alive, and reason for being famous--about their person. Some students including Malani Henderson took the initiative to memorize more than those three facts and truly came in to character as their famous Americans.

"I was Claire Barton, known as the angle of the battlefield and I worked in a patient office,” Henderson said. “I had a lot of fun researching her. She was a nurse."

Paraprofessional Ashley League said the students enjoyed getting to take ownership of their learning and discovering the history of Americans who helped shape the nation.

“As their teachers, we love helping them become independent thinkers and this project is one that allows our students become actively involved in the curriculum with the use of technology and peer interaction,” League said.  

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