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S. C. Lee students bring comedy caper to stage

Posted Date: 05/31/2019

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A kidnapping, a jewelry heist, a purse snatching and a hope-to-be fiancé who is having trouble extending a marriage proposal will have audiences rolling in laughter in the production of Suspect to Change by Will Humble presented by the S. C. Lee Junior High Theater Department on Saturday.

The first production at S. C.  Lee for theatre teacher Rebecca Burkhead.

“I saw the play a few years back, and I thought this would be perfect for middle school. I talked to the director of that particular production and knew that it was a play the kids would enjoy.”

Misunderstanding, mistaken identity, and hasty assumptions are the key pitfalls of the characters in the play, and the student performers have definitely picked up on that theme.

Eighth grader Martrice Walls-Greene plays the character role of Sergeant Cleats.

“Over the years, I’ve been involved with other plays because I love acting. I wasn’t involved at the junior high school though,” Walls-Greene said. “Since this is my last year of junior high, I auditioned for this one.”

Eighth grader Bethany Hamilton is heavily involved in the theater program and plays the female lead role of Tina Teal.

“It starts off with the characters, Sergeant Cleats and Mrs. Teal. There is a misunderstanding about a car accident,” Hamilton said. “It is a bit of a mystery and comedy combined. There are a ton of interesting interactions and the characters have different connections to one another that slowly come out.” 

Student Haylee Myers plays the role of Mrs. Teal, Hamilton’s mother.

“She is a bit eccentric and her emotions are explosive. Her overreactions help make the confusion happen between the characters,” Myers said.

Myers said she and the other students not only learned to reflect on the importance of communication, but they learned another important lesson by being a part of the theatrical production.

“You can build friendships with anyone. Even if you're a little antisocial, the play gives opportunities to change that. It helps people click really fast,” Myers said.

“You get a stronger bond,” Walls-Greene said. “You get to go out of your comfort zone.”


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