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Teachers, students get schooled in writing techniques

Posted Date: 07/25/2019

Teachers, students get schooled in writing techniques

COPPERAS COVE, TX (July 22, 2019)—Copperas Cove ISD addressed its recent STAAR test scores in writing for fourth grade students by educating students and staff on different techniques to encourage a love of writing. Two-day writing workshops, Revising Camp and Editing Camp, geared toward students had them jumping to locate past, present, and future verbs along with leaping to add, replace, delete, or alter sentences within a story.  

Salome Conyers of The Writing Academy spent two days each at Fairview/Miss Jewel and Hettie Halstead Elementary teaching students how to use the Check Baby strategy to identify compound sentences and play hockey with a partner to practice changing words using the silent letter, E.  

Conyers weaved in and out among the students checking their effort and providing immediate feedback.  

“Keep trying and do not let you mind wander,” Conyers told the students. “Keep thinking about what are writing about and how you can add more information.”

Hettie Halstead teacher Mikayla Grove is ready to tackle the new school year using what she observed in the workshop.

“I enjoyed seeing my students collaborate with each other while learning in a fun, interactive way,” Grove said. “I look forward to using these strategies within my classroom in order to reinforce their learning.”

The combination of Conyer’s teaching style coupled with unique and hip rhyming words and phrases, along with body movements and gestures, had the students up on their feet, laughing and so engaged in the process they hardly realized they were learning. 

Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary fourth grader Rebekah Howell may grow up to become a writer.

“I really learned a lot about how to revise and edit what I was writing,” Howell said. “I like getting new information on how to make my writing better because I like writing and want to do well at it too.” 

Conyers said it has been proven that students who are fully engaged in a process through hearing, seeing and doing fully retain and are able to recall the majority of the information provided. 

“The use of engaging all of the senses and engaging students in tactile activities and movement along with verbal and visual stimuli are not only more beneficial academically to make better connections, but also help with getting students up and moving around physically which encourages the brain and body connection,” Conyers said.

Fairview fourth grader Lilly Clark clapped her hands and stomped her feet in tune with Conyer’s rhythmic tone.

“I like being able to move around and do things with my hands and feet,” Clark said. “I think it makes it seem like we are playing a game and not just learning something boring.”


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