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Students take teachers on flattened adventures

Posted Date: 05/18/2020

Students take teachers on flattened adventures

COPPERAS COVE, TX (May 12, 2020)—Clements/Parsons Elementary teacher Sheila Grantham misses her students and they miss her too. When one of her students requested a picture of her, Grantham thought how fun it would be for her students to once again be with her throughout the day just as they are in a traditional classroom. Hence, Mini-Grantham was created.

Gilbert created miniature full-length caricatures of herself that she hand-delivered to students’ homes and in some cases, mailed, due to parents’ work schedules. Since then, students have shared multiple photos of the different adventures they have taken her on.

“My top favorites have been one of my students who created LEGO figures of himself and Mini Grantham, winning the game with one of my students on family game night, and jumping on the trampoline with one of my students. The most heartfelt one was one of my students holding on to Mini Grantham, while falling asleep.”

Martin Walker Elementary teacher Jennifer Stevenson recorded herself reading the book Flat Stanley and sent it to her students on Schoology. Flat Stanley is a book about a boy that wakes up flat after an accident who goes on adventures by using his new flattened state, sliding under doors, being rolled up to go to the park and being used as a kite by his brother.

“I thought it would be a fun activity for my students to do while we are social distancing. I sent them a Flat Mrs. Stevenson in the mail and created a learning task in Schoology. They could submit their assignment by writing it, recording it, or taking pictures,” Stevenson said. “The only instructions I gave them were how to submit the assignment and to go on one to three adventures. The rest was all them.

“One student took me on an electric scooter, made some pizza with me, and we played Need for Speed Rivals. Another student put me on a bottle he decorated to look like a bee and I rode that bee, we ate root beer floats, and went to his grandma's house. I loved seeing and reading about our adventures.”

Grantham and Stevenson both say that creating miniature flat images of themselves has helped them stay close to their students.

“Instead of focusing on not being in the classroom together, students can focus on being able to bring me into their home world. The bond we have developed is as strong, if not stronger, than the day we left for spring break,” Grantham said. “I have printed their pictures, and I’m going to surprise them by taking them on adventures with me.”


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