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School nurses build stronger rapport with students amid pandemic

Posted Date: 09/04/2020

School nurses build stronger rapport with students amid pandemic

COPPERAS COVE, TX (September 2, 2020)—At the start of every school year at Clements Parsons Elementary, School Nurse Shalom Brown visits each classroom to introduce herself to students. A registered nurse for 20 years, Brown’s visits are even more important this year as students return to campus amid a pandemic.

“As a nurse, I have an opportunity to be that positive and encouraging voice for our students,” Brown said. “If talking to students about wearing face coverings, washing or sanitizing hands and teaching facts about COVID through answering questions and dispelling myths, then I feel I have helped to calm students’ fears. I feel like I have helped the students understand the world we are living in today.”

Brown also brings science and math into her student demonstrations when teaching about hand sanitizer and the importance of using it. Brown picks a student from each class to demonstrate how to properly wash and sanitize his/her hands. Student Jaliyah Davis was chosen in her class for the demonstration.

“We learned that you can sing the A-B-C or Happy Birthday song to make sure you are washing your hands long enough,” Davis said.

Although one in four schools does not have a school nurse according to the National Association of School Nurses, Copperas Cove ISD employed a school nurse on every campus long before the COVID-19 pandemic. Brown and other school nurses treat students who are not feeling well, take their temperature and assess them for possible symptoms of the Coronavirus. If visible, students are placed into isolation rooms monitored by the campus nurse until parents or guardians pick up the students. All families of students on the campus are notified the same day that the school receives confirmation of a test-confirmed positive COVID-19 case. Infected students must stay home a minimum of 10 days after having no more symptoms or are cleared by a doctor.

Student Christian Phillips said he will share what he learned from Brown’s visit with his parents.

“Now, I know that I need to use a hand sanitizer with 70 percent or higher alcohol. I can tell my family about this so we can check our hand sanitizer before we buy it,” Phillips said. “I also learned why it’s important to wear my mask and keep it over my nose as well as stay six feet away from the other students.”

All CCISD students are required to pre-screen before returning to school each week and CCISD staff are screened daily. Face coverings are required for all students and staff. Frequent handwashing or sanitizing every two hours is also required for students and staff. For additional information, visit CCISD’s reopening plans at



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