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CCISD registering students and staff to vote in November election

Posted Date: 10/08/2020

CCISD registering students and staff to vote in November election

COPPERAS COVE, TX (September 30, 2020)—Texas law requires schools to give eligible students the opportunity to register to vote at least twice during the academic year. Voter registration cards are available at Copperas Cove High School throughout the school year. But, the push to get students registered with the November 3 election looming ahead is in full force.

Volunteers Tom and Anne McNew operate a voter registration table in the high school cafeteria each day this week during the lunch period to encourage young students and campus faculty to register to vote.

“As a young person, and especially a student, [they] don’t necessarily know where to go to register, so having it here, where it’s in their own, familiar environment, makes it easier for them to take advantage of that,” Anne McNew said. “Talking about voting and seeing people register to vote is always impactful for anyone at any age…we have such a privilege.”

CCHS student Joshua Albert registered to vote while waiting in line for his lunch.

“It’s convenient. I think it’s probably the best place for them to do it since we’re already in one place,” Albert said. ”Otherwise, (students) wouldn’t know how to do it or where to go to get their voter registration.”  

CCHS Student Services Director Amal Baty sends repetitive reminders to both students and staff through Schoology, the school’s learning management system, that she has voter registration cards in her office. Additionally, the district provides voter registration cards at the reception desks of all of its schools, departments, and facilities throughout the year.

Staff are also taking advantage of the opportunity as CCISD School Resource Officer Codi Nunez of the Copperas Cove Police Department completed a voter registration card.

“It helps (students) start seeing a portion of what can be their responsibility for their future and allows them to be heard,” Nunez said. “They are going to be able to get their thoughts out to what they believe should be done for the community and who should be leading it right now.”

Tom McNew addressed the concerns of students who were unsure if they wanted to vote.

“For us to come in here and try to educate some future voters is an opportunity for them to value the privilege we have and understand that civic responsibility.”

While voter registration continues year-round in CCISD, the McNews will continue to register students and staff in the school cafeteria through Monday, Oct. 5, which is the deadline to register to vote for the Nov. 3 election. Voters can also register online at


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