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Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

Student Health Advisory Council(SHAC)

Every independent school district is required by law to have a school health advisory council (SHAC) of which the majority of members must be parents who are not employed by the school district. The SHAC is annually appointed by the local education agency Board of Trustees.

Texas Education Code
Title 2, Chapter 28, Section 28.004 

What is a SHAC?

A SHAC is a group of individuals representing segments of the community and school district which provides advice to the district on coordinated school health (CSH) programming and its impact on student health and Learning.

Student Welfare Wellness and Health Services - FFA (Local)



  • Jessica Jenkins - Fairview/Jewell Parent Rep.
  • Teresa Gores - Martin Walker Parent Rep..
  • Shannon Horn - Coryell County Health Dept. Rep.
  • Marion Cook - Coryell County Health Dept. Rep.
  • John Gallen - Community Rep.
  • Larissa Smith – Community Member
  • Melissa Bryan - CCISD Director of Child Nutrition 
  • Serena Spivey – CCISD Child Nutrition Coordinator
  • Lisa Baker - Texas A&M Agrilife Rep
  • Kelly Avritt - Chair
  • Ruta Timarky-CCISD School Health Coordinator
  • Sandra Perry-CCHS Health Science Educator
  • Alexis Grasso – CCISD HOSA President
  • Jill Guerin – Director of Secondary Curriculum

Fall Meeting Dates for 2017-2018

September 26th     4:30-5:30

October 24th          4:30-5:30

November 28th      4:30-5:30 (Tentative date)


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Contact Information

Copperas Cove Independent School District
408 S. Main Street
COPPERAS COVE, Texas 76522
Phone: 254-547-1227