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Formal Complaints and Concerns

Usually student  or parent complaints or concerns can be addressed informally by a phone call or a conference with the teacher or principal.  The goal would be to handle complaints and concerns at the lowest level possible.  For those complaints and concerns that cannot be handled so easily, the board has adopted a standard complaint policy at FNG(LOCAL) in the district’s policy manual. 

Should a parent or student feel a need to file a formal complaint, the parent or student should file a district complaint form within the timelines established in policy FNG (LOCAL).  In general, the student or parent should submit the written complaint form to the campus principal.  If the concern is not resolved, a request for a conference should be sent to the superintendent.  If still unresolved, the district provides for the complaint to be presented to the board of trustees.



CCISD Formal Complaint Forms 

FNG(LOCAL) – Student and Parent Complaints/Grievances forms – Accessible Version

FNG(LOCAL) – Student and Parent Complaints/Grievances forms – Printable Version