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CCISD summer hires demonstrate strong work ethic

Posted Date: 08/24/2017

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COPPERAS COVE, TX (August 25, 2017)—It is often said that millennials do not have a strong work ethic. CCISD’s summer hires have proven that not to be the case. Copperas Cove High School students Carly Nelson, Abi Baker and Matthew Aquino are working in the school district’s warehouse facility and are doing the work of nearly double the staff, said Frank Aguilar, CCISD Records, Instructional Materials, and Surplus Specialist.

“They have done the job that usually takes five summer hires plus myself to do in order to prepare the district for the new school year with all required and newly adopted Instructional materials,” Aguilar said. “Some of the tasks that are required are receiving all textbooks delivered to the warehouse and inventorying all deliveries to ensure all orders placed were complete with no discrepancies. All textbooks are required to be manually uploaded into the computer, assigned to the proper campus in order to account for them.”

Under Aguilar’s supervision, the team of students has delivered approximately 17,269 of instructional materials to all campuses within the district. This does not include picking up and transporting all materials that are out of adoption and no longer in use by the campuses back to the warehouse. Inventorying all campus bookrooms and identifying any was also one of the team’s duties. The students have assisted in the shredding over 400 boxes of business and student records that have reached their retention date and were now eligible for destruction.

“Not a day’s gone by where I haven’t seen my coworkers working proficiently within their fields while keeping a fun, positive attitude,” Aquino said. “Working and bonding with my co-workers is essential to getting the job done efficiently. It also helps with learning how to communicate effectively.”

This is the second year that Nelson has worked during the summer for the district. Already familiar with the process, she provided leadership and work skills that she to her fellow student coworkers.

“The most rewarding thing about this job is being thanked after heling someone even if it was just something small,” Nelson said. “I have learned what the expectations are for a real job and gotten experience for future jobs.”

Prior to working for CCISD, Nelson’s jobs had consisted of mowing lawns and pet sitting. She also hopes to work for the district again next summer.  

Baker, who is the most petite of the group, has proven that size is irrelevant when it comes to work ethic.

“The most challenging thing about this job is being only four feet, nine inches and lifting boxes that are half my own weight,” she said. “From the experience from this summer, I have learned you can get more done if everyone works as one team. I know this will help me with future jobs.”

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