Attendance Office

Students and/or parents can deliver notes to the Attendance Office

Absences may be submitted online through Skyward.  (Tutorial Video.)

Your child's attendance at school is crucial for learning. When you miss school, you miss out on learning opportunities.  We ask that appointments be scheduled outside of school hours as much as reasonably possible.

  • All requests to leave campus during the school day must be requested by the parent/guardian. 

  • Requests for passes to leave via phone or social media will not be accepted. 

  • Parents/guardians must come to campus with valid identification to request an exit slip for their child. 

  • Handwritten notes, faxes, or emails from the parent/guardian will NOT be accepted.  

  • Call the Attendance Office if your child will not be at school.

  • Remember to get a doctor's note - if you had an appointment.

Attendance Policy And Procedure Overview

All notes must contain the name of the student, student ID, date(s) of absence(s), the reason for the absence(s), and parent signature.  Notes that do not contain these requirements may be rejected by the attendance office at their discretion.

  • A student that does not turn in documentation for an absence that has occurred within that current six weeks will be consider UNEXCUSED.  This will count against the student's credit and could lead to prosecution under TEC 25.094. 

  • A parent note or a parent phone call may EXCUSE a student's absence; however, it will count against the student's academic credit.

  • In order to receive credit or a final grade for class, a student is required to attend 90% of the days the class is offered regardless of whether the student's absences are excused or unexcused.  FEC (LEGAL).  Exceptions can be located in the CCISD Student Handbook on page 17:  Exemptions From Compulsory Attendance.  

  • Upon the student's return to school, all documentation of absences must be provided within the six week grading period the absences occurred. Unexcused absences affecting truancy must be corrected within the six week grading period in which they occur. No correction can be made after the above deadlines.

Office Staff

Rosalee Lark

Attendance Secretary
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Jasmine Valdez

Attendance Secretary
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Attendance Secretary
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