Good school attendance is an important part of student academic success.  Numerous research studies show a strong link between academic performance and good school attendance.  Poor school attendance can directly contribute to poor academic performance and possible academic failure. It is the responsibility of both the school and the home to jointly encourage students to attend school every day and establish a good attendance record. Prompt, daily attendance in school and in every class is the expectation for all Copperas Cove ISD students.

Texas State Compulsory Attendance Law

The Texas State Compulsory Attendance Law, Section 25,085, requires a child to attend school each school day for the entire period the program of instruction is provided, unless exempted by law, including students who have voluntarily enrolled in prekindergarten, kindergarten, or after their 18th birthday. Violation of the law occurs when a student accumulates unexcused absences on 10 or more days or parts of days within a six month period or three or more days or parts of days within a four week period.  Violation of the compulsory attendance law may result in referral(s) for court proceedings against the parent/guardian or student.  If you have questions pertaining to specific absences, please call the attendance office at the campus where your student is enrolled.

Notification of Absences

When a student is absent from school, the student-upon arrival or return to school-must bring a note signed by the parent that describes the reason for the absence.   A note signed by the student, even with the parent’s permission, will not be accepted unless the student is 18 or older or is an emancipated minor under state law. A phone call from the parent may be accepted, but the district reserves the right to require a written note.  After five excused absences, for medical reasons, based on parent notification, additional absences will be excused only when accompanied by a medical provider’s note.  More information on documentation for absences can be found in the CCISD Student Handbook which is posted online

A parent’s/student’s failure to clarify an absence with the school office can have both academic and disciplinary consequences. If the parent/guardian knows in advance that his/her student will be absent from school, he/she should inform the school prior to the absence, if at all possible. 

Parents/guardians can monitor their child’s attendance record using the Family Access Portal feature of Skyward.   Skyward is the student data management system used by Copperas Cove ISD to maintain all student enrollment, attendance, and academic records.  The Family Access Portal allows each parent who has requested and received a personal password to log into to his/her student’s record at any time.   Within that record is information pertaining to attendance so parents/guardians can monitor how many absences their student has accrued and if those absences are excused or unexcused.  If you do not have a Family Access account and password, please contact your student’s campus.

Each campus has a notification system to keep parents informed of their student’s attendance.

Autumn Downing

District Attendance/Truancy Officer

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