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Employee Paw Perks Program for Copperas Cove ISD Staff Members

Copperas Cove ISD has joined together with the local community to offer an employee incentive program (Paw Perks) that will provide a variety of benefits to district employees. Paw Perks is dedicated to offering discounts at local business on purchases or services. Copperas Cove ISD currently has more than 1,300 staff, teachers and administrators employed with the district, providing a large consumer base for local businesses.

The Paw Perks program will consist of an employee webpage where the discounts or savings from local business will be posted. We would like to offer your business the opportunity to provide employees an incentive to shop, dine or visit your business through this program.

As a business partner, joining the CCISD Paw Perks program is fast and simple and there is no cost to your program for participating. Businesses that are able to offer a free, discounted, or special service to CCISD employees are added to the list of participating vendors and featured on the Paw Perks website. 

Below are the guidelines to the Paw Perks Program:

  1. Business must have a local store or physical location of business.

  2. The types, values and/or discount amounts are at the discretion of the business. Suggested discounts include

    • 10%, 20%, 25% off, etc.

    • Buy one-get-one free offers

    • Exclusions may be included on the offer

  3. All discounts featured on the website must be honored.

  4. Changes to the discounts on the website will be made within two weeks of receipt of a requested change.

  5. Copperas Cove ISD employees must present their employee badge to the business to receive any and all offers. Clipped coupons or discounts will not need to be printed from the website.

  6. The following items shall not be offered as discounts to employees:

    • Tobacco products/e-cigarettes/vape products

    • Alcohol products (over the counter or with meal discount offers)

    • Tattoos or body piercings

    • Sexually suggestive or adult oriented products and/or material

  7. All discounts/postings/advertisements must be approved by Copperas Cove ISD.

  8. Flyers, advertisements or other promotional material will not be allowed to be distributed through schools to students or employees.

  9. Final decisions, approvals and/or rejections are at the sole discretion of Copperas Cove ISD.

How to participate in the Paw Perks Program:

Participation in the Paw Perks Program is open to all businesses in and around Copperas Cove.

If you are interested in offering discounted goods or services to employees of Copperas Cove ISD, please complete the registration form.   If you are having any difficulty with this form, you may also contact the CCISD Human Resources Office at (254) 547-1227.