Employment FAQ

Q: My Application says “pending” what does that mean?

A: All applications will have a “pending” status until an offer has been made, at which point the position will close.  

Q: How do I apply?

A: All  CCISD positions will be posted to our job board which can be found by clicking on the Employment Tab and then the Current Opening button at the top of the page. The application will consist of multiple steps and may take you 20-40 minutes to complete but you can stop at any point to resume later. For your application to be considered complete, please make sure you have completed the online application with the requested supporting documentation (Resume, Cover Letter, Professional References). 

Q: Who should I put as a reference?

A: The application requires 3 references, one being a previous supervisor. Family members or friends do not count towards the 3 required references. We recommend adding additional supervisors and/or prior co-workers, professors, student teaching mentors, church or non-profit leadership or any other reference who can speak towards your professional capacity.

Q: I’ve applied for a CCISD position before. Now what?

A: Log onto your account to submit your already completed application to the job vacancy that you’re interested in. Please make sure that you use the same log in and password to avoid having to start all over again. If you cannot remember your password please follow the ‘Forgot Password’ link. If you still cannot access your account, please call the HR office for that information. Do not create a new account. 

Q: I’ve applied for a position and would like to know my status.

A: All of our campus principals/ department supervisors are in charge of screening resumes and setting up interviews. If you would like to discuss the status of your application, please call the campus or department where the job is located. For information on the positions location, please refer to the job posting. Example: Applied for a position at Martin Walker Elementary School, please call Martin Walker Elementary School. Inquiring about a Bus Driver opening, please call the Transportation department etc. 

Q: I’ve interviewed for a position, now what?

A: Once the hiring department has completed all of their interviews they will make a recommendation to hire to the HR department. At this time, HR will request all of the supporting documentation. These documents include: Resume, Application, Official Transcripts and Certification Status (if applicable), Criminal History Authorization form, DPS Fingerprinting FAST Pass, References (Prior Supervisor is required).

Q: I have a copy of my Transcripts, does that count?

A: We will accept all non-official transcripts as we await the official transcripts arrival. We cannot proceed without the official transcripts so it is in your best interest to request those from your school as soon as possible. Transcripts are considered official only if they come in a sealed, un-opened envelope from the school or by the school’s online delivery system. Official transcripts via the online portal must be sent directly to the Certification Specialist, not to yourself. To order transcripts, please call your school to arrange the delivery. Official transcripts become CCISD property as a part of your application and will be kept on file without the ability to transfer elsewhere so please only request official transcripts after an offer has been made. Apply the copies to your online application. 

Q: What is the Fingerprinting process?

A: Once an offer of employment has been made, the Human Resources department will submit your information to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) in order to issue you an IdentoGo Fast Pass. You will receive an e-mail from IdentoGo/MorphoTrust with a link to schedule your appointment. The email usually follows within 24 hours and may end up in your SPAM box, so please be on the lookout. The email  will allow you to be fingerprinted under the TEA requirements and allows CCISD to access your confirmation so it is imperative that you schedule your appointment through the email and not by walking in. Obtaining your fingerprints will come with a charge of $49.95, which can be paid at the time of your appointment and is not reimbursable by the district. There will be several locations to choose from based on your zip code of choice. Please keep in mind that we cannot in-process anyone without fingerprints on file so it is in your best interest to schedule your appointment as soon as possible to avoid a delay in your start date. 

Q: Why do I have to be fingerprinted?

A:  The 80th Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 9 (SB 9), which mandated the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to acquire criminal history information through fingerprint submission on: (1) all certified educators who are currently employed, (2) all substitutes and (3) non-certified employees hired after January 1, 2008. This process requires the individual to hold a state-issues driver’s license or state-issued ID card. All other personnel with access to campus whether in a volunteer or observation capacity will also require fingerprinting.

Q: I’ve been fingerprinted before, do I need to do it again for CCISD?

A: If you have worked for an Independent School District in the State of Texas and have already been fingerprinted for that role, you do NOT need to be fingerprinted again. If you were fingerprinted in another state or for another agency (i.e., government entities, non-profit volunteer roles, etc.) CCISD will not have access to the records and you must be fingerprinted again through the TEA issued email referenced in the fingerprinting process question above. Fingerprinting results for other purposes are not accessible by TEA and are not transferable to TEA.  

Q: I’ve been hired, what is the process from here?

A: You will receive a call from HR when  a recommendation to hire has been made. It is here that we will go over all the documents that we have received and those that we will need from you. At this time we will request for the Criminal History Authorization to be completed, if not already done so, and will discuss the fingerprinting process. Once fingerprinting is completed, you will be scheduled for In-Processing, our new hire orientation required for all new district employees. In-processing is usually conducted every Thursday (subject to change) starting promptly at 9:00 AM and concluding around 10:30 or 11:00. We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early so we can get your badge picture taken prior to the start of in-processing. Additional in-processing for Child Nutrition may be set up at the conclusion of the District in-processing date as well. 

Q: What happens at In-Processing?

A: In-processing is final step in the hiring process with CCISD. It is here that we will get your picture for your badge, collect all new hire paperwork and go over District policies and procedures. We will also have an overview of our benefits and enrollment and a chance to speak with our Insurance Specialist for any questions you may have regarding CCISD benefits. Once in-processing is complete, you are officially ready to start with CCISD. Most start dates will fall on the Monday following the in-processing date but exceptions do apply. 

Q: What do I need to bring to In-Processing?

A: Prior to your scheduled in-processing date you should receive the new hire packet either by mail or by pick up at the Central Administration Office. The new hire packet is to be completed BEFORE the in-processing date as we will go through and collect all paperwork at this time. In addition to the completed packed, you will need to bring the acceptable documents outlined in the packet from List A or from List B and C. We will need your social security card for TRS purposes so we recommend a valid Drivers License and Social Security Card. The name on your Social Security card must match the name on all of the new hire paperwork and other supporting documentation. For example, if your last name is hyphenated on your Social Security card, you will need to keep it hyphenated on all of the paperwork you are completing. Please note that by law, we need a copy of the requested documents within 3 business days of your start date. To avoid any interruptions in your employment, please verify this information is correct while completing your packet or contact the Social Security office if you need assistance updating your information. If you would like to set up your direct deposit, we will need a blank, voided check attached to the paperwork included in the packet. Please also bring a copy of your IdentoGo receipt and official transcripts (if requested).