Proposed Renovation at Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary School

Estimated Cost: $12.9 million

  • The bond proposal includes a renovation to the Miss Jewell wing at

    Fairview/Jewell Elementary

  • The proposed work includes new classroom doors, updated life-skills

    classrooms, restrooms, flooring and updates to bring the campus into

    ADA compliance

  • Built in 1965, the Miss Jewell wing at Fairview/Jewell Elementary has not

    been remodeled or updated since the building was constructed

    • The Fairview wing was renovated in 2019.

  • The walkway between the Fairview and Miss Jewell wings would be

    enclosed to ensure student safety and limit exposure to inclement

    weather conditions when walking across campus

Graphic with CCISD Bond 2024 logo. Prop A Fairview/Miss Jewell Renovations. Current Conditions. Built in 1965, walkway not enclosed, restrooms.