Energy Cost Avoidance and Recovery

Energy Conservation- Energy management is the most effective method available to minimize the continually rising cost of energy consumed in buildings.  By applying effective energy management practices, energy waste can be eliminated.  Cost Avoidance Dollars = more money for the classroom.

The Copperas Cove ISD has adopted an energy policy based on Education Code, Sec. 44.902 - Goal To Reduce Consumption Of Electric Energy. This education law also informs CL (LEGAL)…Buildings, Grounds, And Equipment Management and requires compliance with guidelines and procedures by all school district personnel.   

Fact: In many school districts, energy costs are second only to salaries, and exceed the cost of supplies and books.

Therefore, all faculty and staff are encouraged to support energy conservation with the following measures:

  • CCISD has established the following district-wide, occupied thermostat set point ranges ~ cooling 68-75 degrees with a three-degree override above and below the set points.  Unoccupied set points are 55-85 degrees with the same three-degree override.

  • Staff should turn off lights in classrooms, offices and other spaces when unoccupied.

  • Closing blinds or curtains will help maintain comfortable conditions by forming barriers against the outside environment.  Note:  Please ensure that all window treatments contain with fire retardant materials.

  • Personal appliances (coffeepots, toasters, microwaves, etc.) and other personal comfort items are to be kept to a minimum and only as authorized by campus admin and CCISD Maintenance. The use of some appliances may constitute a fire hazard and therefore use is forbidden.

  • Enhancing existing lighting in classrooms and workspaces with lamps, Christmas lights, etc. are a violation of existing fire codes.  It should be noted that there could be lighting requests made that are only allowable with authorization by campus admin and CCISD Maintenance.

  • Space heaters are prohibited unless authorized by campus admin and CCISD Maintenance to control temperature or during an equipment failure. Space heaters affect effective operation of centralized systems and equipment.

  • Campus staff will ensure that all doors and windows remain closed while HVAC equipment is in operation. Entrances and exits to the building should be limited to reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency of heating & cooling equipment. Broken windows and doors are to be reported followed up with the normal work order processes.

  • Supply and return air grilles should never be blocked. Under no circumstances will staff block, close, or alter supply or return air grilles.

  • Shut off computer monitors & printers at the end of each day as directed by the CCISD IT department.

  • Where feasible, small group activities should not be scheduled in the large areas of the building. Area usage should be coordinated with the Principal to ensure proper usage and reduce energy consumption.

  • CCISD will require electric water coolers be shut off during holidays & summers - except in support of areas that remain occupied on a consistent basis.

  • CCISD will require water-heaters to be shut off during holidays & summers - except areas that require hot water as needed for housekeeping work (floor maintenance, stripping of wax, waxing, etc.) and or for building usage after hours, holidays, and summer.

Sources of instruction include information from Watt Watchers.