What is PEIMS?

The Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) encompasses all data requested and received by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) about public education and includes student demographics, academic performance, personnel, finance, and organizational information.

Each year the CCISD PEIMS department is responsible for submitting district data to the state.   The information submitted determines funding and is used by the state to measure compliance in several programs.  In addition, data from the PEIMS are used to evaluate Texas schools and campuses through the Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR.)

Sharon Watkins

Sharon Watkins

PEIMS Coordinator

Jessica Heintzman

Jessica Heintzman

PEIMS Data Specialist

The PEIMS staff is responsible for:

  • Communicating the rules for data collection and documentation as published in the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook and PEIMS Data Standards.

  • Providing training to campus and district staff as needed, to include creating and maintaining the attendance procedures manual and instruction sheets for PEIMS processes and Skyward processes.

  • Monitoring data entry processes and documentation requirements related to PEIMS reportable information and other district procedures

  • Processing applications for access to TEA resources, such as TEAL/TEASE, Edit+ and TREX.

  • Submitting PEIMS data and Office of Civil Rights collection data

  • Submitting weekly PET (Pupil Enrollment Tracking) data

  • Submitting weekly TSDS UID (Texas Student Data System Unique ID) data

  • Providing support to campus and district staff on PEIMS and Skyward Student Data Management Systems

  • Develop and support online registration system

  • Conducting internal audits to verify accuracy of all data

  • Conduct annual end-of-school-year data roll-over for Skyward Student Data Management system

  • Assign and maintain Skyward security rights for staff