Substitute Teacher Information

To apply for a position as a substitute teacher, please click on Employment at the top, and then click on Apply Now.


  • Must be 21 years of age to apply

  • Have the ability to pass a Background check and Fingerprinting

  • Minimum HS diploma or GED with further education

Substitute Hiring Process:

Step 1: Apply on the CCISD website. Please note that we cannot proceed in the process until references have been completed and verified. 

Step 2: CCISD will run your background and initiate fingerprinting from TEA. IdentoGo will send an email to the applicant with scheduling instructions. Please check your spam box for the email. Do NOT schedule fingerprints without the email.

Step 3: Applicant must email Liz when fingerprinting is completed. 

Step 4: Liz will email the applicant the AppGarden link to our online Substitute Training Program. The training is an online, self-paced course. Please be aware that the Substitite training does cost $49.00.

Step 5: Applicant must email certificate to Liz when the online training is completed in order to be scheduled for in-processing.

Step 6: Substitute in-processing orientation takes place. Please bring your completed new hire packet at this time. 

Step 7: You’re an official substitute teacher for CCISD! You can now log onto Frontline to set up your preferences and begin accepting jobs. 


Substitute Daily Pay Rates for 2023-2024

  • Instructional Aide: $58

  • Teacher Non Degreed: $105 per day

  • Teacher with a Bachelor Degree: $115 per day

  • SBEC Certified Teacher: $130 per day

  • Long Term Teacher with Degree: $135 per day

  • Long Term Teacher SBEC Certified $180 per day

*Long-term substitute pay will begin on the 11th day for the same assignment.

*Official transcripts need to be turned in to the Human Resource office to verify degree 

If you have any questions, contact CCISD Human Resources at 254-547-1227.