Students pose with teacher in group photo

COPPERAS COVE – Copperas Cove ISD surprised 92 educators at 10 district campuses with Teacher Incentive Allotment designations Friday.

Created through House Bill 3 during the 2019 state legislative session, TIA is a program designed to incentivize and reward effective, high-performing teachers.

At its November 7th regular meeting, the CCISD Board of Trustees approved submitting 99 teachers for data validation with the program. Teacher designations bring state-funded pay increases that total more than $1.1 million for CCISD staff and are valid for five years. Educators are eligible to move to a higher designation within that window, if they qualify.

“We have so many great teachers in Copperas Cove and today, we were fortunate to recognize just a portion of those,” said Amanda Crawley, Deputy Superintendent for Instructional Services. “These teachers are an enormous part of the success students in Cove achieve every day. Keeping high-quality, effective educators in Copperas Cove is important and, with CCISD being approved for the Teacher Incentive Allotment, we’ll be able to do that for years to come.”

There are three levels of designations for teachers: recognized, exemplary and master.

Mae Stevens Early Learning Academy

  • Vongphachan Mcelroy, Recognized
  • Kristina Straley, Exemplary
  • Robyn Petet, Exemplary
  • Kamika Deal, Exemplary
  • Jaclyne Mobley, Master
  • Paula Hunter, Master
  • Cori Wilkerson, Master

Clements/Parsons Elementary School

  • Sheila Wright, Recognized
  • Jill Stickler, Recognized
  • Crystal Robinson, Recognized
  • Glen Petersen, Recognized
  • Ma-Ritaz Parker, Recognized
  • Daniel Mcquiston, Recognized
  • Kimberly French, Recognized
  • Carol Boes, Recognized
  • Leyda Worden, Exemplary
  • Carissa Nelson, Exemplary
  • Christina Hennig, Exemplary
  • Cassie Harmon, Exemplary

Fairview/Jewell Elementary School

  • Michael Supinski, Recognized
  • Holly Prax, Recognized
  • Astrid Salveson, Exemplary
  • Julie Odum, Exemplary
  • Courtney Liverpool, Exemplary
  • Jacqulyn Kodis, Exemplary
  • Lucinda Thornton, Master
  • Lauren Sutton, Master
  • Alanna Phillips, Master
  • Tara Kittinger, Master
  • Leilani Gray, Master
  • Teresa Gorres, Master
  • Barbara Coleman, Master
  • Kasey Carlton, Master

Hettie Halstead Elementary School

  • Jokonda Wunderlich, Recognized
  • Lauren Caramanica, Recognized
  • Shaunita Burnell, Exemplary
  • Stephanie Kinney, Master
  • Amber Kennedy, Master

House Creek Elementary School

  • Christine Volker, Recognized
  • Sheila Shumaker, Recognized
  • Sonja Isbell, Recognized
  • Kristin Cunningham, Recognized
  • Sierra Brown, Recognized
  • Christina Monroe, Exemplary
  • Kelley Major, Exemplary
  • Lisa Kumpf, Exemplary
  • Jennifer Farnum, Exemplary
  • Courtney Dennis-Irvin, Exemplary
  • Cynthia Turner, Master
  • Denise Stevens, Master
  • Thad Shumaker, Master
  • Stefanie Seaver, Master
  • Theresa Perez, Master
  • Vanessa Mondy, Master
  • Monique Hebert, Master
  • Collin Hallgarth, Master
  • Anette Fleet, Master
  • Nicki Cooley, Master
  • Kristie Boster, Master
  • Andrea Bishop, Master

Martin Walker Elementary School

  • Kathryn Smith, Recognized
  • Alisha Miller, Exemplary
  • Sarah Yokubaitis, Master
  • Luh Januwati, Master
  • Elizabeth Hiett, Master
  • Caroline Fogwell, Master
  • Wendy Butler, Master
  • Ronna Brunson, Master
  • Brittany Baker, Master
  • Kathryn Akui, Master

Williams/Ledger Elementary School

  • Elida Vasquez, Recognized
  • Brandie Davis, Recognized
  • Gail Kraning, Exemplary
  • Heather Brock, Exemplary
  • Jessie Williams, Master
  • Darleen Lucas, Master
  • Riley Jackson, Master
  • Crystal Chaco, Master

Copperas Cove Junior High School

  • Larissa Wilkinson, Exemplary

S.C. Lee Junior High School

  • Kerry Cryer, Recognized
  • Holly Adams, Recognized
  • Sabrina Hughes, Exemplary
  • Araceli Garibay, Exemplary
  • Jo Warren, Master

Copperas Cove High School

  • Mary Johnson, Recognized
  • Kathryn Taylor, Exemplary
  • Paul Talbett, Exemplary
  • Chelsie Raysor, Exemplary
  • Barbara Huffman, Exemplary
  • Christopher Hancock, Exemplary
  • Keesha Davis, Master
  • Sarah Courtney, Master

Copperas Cove ISD is projected to serve approximately 8,200 students in Coryell and Bell Counties this school year and received a B+ rating on the most recent TEA accountability ratings in 2022.