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COPPERAS COVE, Texas – When the All-Region Band concert happened for area junior high bands on a recent Saturday afternoon, it was loaded with Copperas Cove students.

A combined 89 band students from both Copperas Cove and S.C. Lee Junior Highs in Cove qualified for the 2023 All-Region Band.

Of those 89, 24 were selected to the region’s Wind Ensemble, 26 to the region’s Symphonic Band and 27 to the Concert Band, with another 12 students serving as regional alternates.

From Cove Junior High, 49 students were on the Chaparral High School stage in Killeen:

Wind Ensemble

  • Jude Allen, 3rd-chair Flute

  • Xavier Eclaveo, 4th-chair Flute

  • Dylan Peacock, 1st-chair Tenor Saxophone

  • Emply Pack, 2nd-chair French Horn

  • Joseph Sharbeno-Bockting, 1st-chair Trombone

  • Avery Outin, 3rd-chair Trombone

  • Joseph Ruppart, 4th-chair Trombone

  • Wayne Weilbacher, 2nd-chair Tuba

  • Angel Gonzalez Burgos, 3rd-chair Tuba

Symphonic Band

  • Annabelle Ruppard, 1st-chair Flute

  • Justyce Taylor, 7th-chair Flute

  • Sierra Wells, 2nd-chair Oboe

  • Jana Moris, 2nd-chair Clarinet

  • Brian Brennan, 5th-chair Clarinet

  • Heston Cardoza, 7th-chair Clarinet

  • David McCommas, 12th-chair Clarinet

  • Jacob Hyslop, 3rd-chair Alto Saxophone

  • Kris Baker, 1st-chair Baritone Saxophone

  • Landon Serfass, 2nd-chair Trumpet

  • Vontae Gaines, 3rd-chair Trumpet

  • Julian Aguilar, 8th-chair Trumpet

  • Julia Larkin, 1st-chair French Horn

  • Jocelyn Warren, 3rd-chair French Horn

  • Allison Brosky, 4th-chair French Horn

  • Cody Bell, 2nd-chair Euphonium

Concert Band

  • Amalyha Brandenburg, 1st-chair Oboe

  • Fabian Arevalo, 1st-chair Bassoon

  • Addisyn Csicsak, 2nd-chair Clarinet

  • Shaelie Fitzpatrick, 12th-chair Clarinet

  • Hayden Newman, 13th-chair Clarinet

  • Phoebe Smith, 14th-chair Clarinet

  • Antonio O’Neill, 3rd-chair Trumpet

  • Kira Morey, 4th-chair Trumpet

  • Christopher Crane, 7th-chair Trumpet

  • Nathan Gonzalez, 10th-chair Trumpet

  • Jennifer Kinne, 6th-chair French Horn

  • CJ Subillie, 2nd-chair Trombone

  • Reid Hammontree, 1st-chair Euphonium

  • Colton Bates, 3rd-chair Euphonium

  • Lyle Rosales, 5th-chair Percussion


  • Andrea Pullin, Flute

  • Harmony Martinez, Clarinet

  • Isabella Wren, Bassoon

  • Lilah Castillo, Bassoon

  • Kamrynn Hayes, Alto Saxophone

  • Katie Gorman, Trumpet

  • Abdiel Colon Torres, Tuba

  • Solomon Lalani, Percussion

  • Sophie Gonzales, Percussion

Additionally, there were 40 students from S.C. Lee Junior High representing CCISD during the concert:

Wind Ensemble

  • Mia Gorgo, 1st-chair Flute

  • Cadence Minus, 2nd-chair Flute

  • Kathleen Chapin, 1st-chair Clarinet

  • Mai Anna Murphy, 3rd-chair Clarinet

  • Cori McCaskill, 5th-chair Clarinet

  • Santiago Bautista, 6th-chair Clarinet

  • Hugo Rosas, 7th-chair Clarinet

  • Aydria Scales, 8th-chair Clarinet

  • Maxwell Holland, 3rd-chair Trumpet

  • Jenna Ballard, 5th-chair Trumpet

  • Hannah Sanders, 6th-chair Trumpet

  • Grace Powell, 4th-chair French Horn

  • Malani Henderson, 5th-chair French Horn

  • Zion Darnell, 1st-chair Euphonium

  • Khai Nguyen, 3rd-chair Percussion

Symphonic Band

  • Elizabeth Orta, 4th-chair Flute

  • Dante Viera Paton, 6th-chair Clarinet

  • Cassidee Tuiasosopo – 8th-chair Clarinet

  • Noah Eggleston, 1st-chair Bass Clarinet

  • Eli Kenney, 1st-chair Tenor Saxophone

  • Robert Burton, 1st-chair Trumpet

  • Timothy Tran, 1st-chair Trombone

  • Anastasia Hansen, 1st-chair Euphonium

  • Antonio Gonzalez, 3rd-chair Tuba

  • Khang Nguyen, 1st-chair Percussion

Concert Band

  • Ava Ancheta, 2nd-chair Flute

  • Ruben Medina, 4th-chair Flute

  • Janell Gray, 1st-chair Clarinet

  • Crue Zickel, 7th-chair Clarinet

  • Jaeden Gonzalez, 8th-chair Clarinet

  • Romella Spitzer, 3rd-chair Alto Saxophone

  • Carson Caldwell, 4th-chair Alto Saxophone

  • Cullen Adams, 1st-chair Concert Band

  • Gabriel Sanchez, 3rd-chair French Horn

  • Isaiah Jackson, 1st-chair Trombone

  • Jasai Walwyn, 2nd-chair Euphonium

  • Ahanthony Reese, 2nd-chair Tuba


  • Landon Lee, Flute

  • Dixie Bartram, Alto Saxophone

  • Franklin Landers, French Horn

Copperas Cove ISD congratulates these students for an outstanding accomplishment and earning the right to perform on Nov. 10th.