Students working on science experiment

AUSTIN – For 85 students, a trip to Austin sparked an interest in science, technology, engineering and math.

Recently, these students from eight Copperas Cove ISD campuses, Grades 3-8, took part in STEM Girl Day at the University of Texas at Austin. The event is designed to help girls explore more learning around various STEM topics, including careers available around those categories.

“I liked the whole thing,” S.C. Lee Jr. High 6th-grade student Zavana Hurley said. “I experienced new things and got to make lip gloss!”

The day allowed for these students to explore STEM through grade-appropriate, hands-on activities hosted by scientists, engineers, astronomers, mathematicians and other STEM enthusiasts. Some of those included various student organizations at UT, research centers, corporate partners and other relevant community organizations.

“I liked being able to do experiments and learn how things are made like bath bombs, slime, and ice cream,” Clements/Parsons Elementary 3rd-grade student Kadence Smart said. “I can't wait to go again next year!"

Kori Green, a 4th-grade student at Williams/Ledger Elementary, added: “My favorite activity was to make bath bombs and princesses with power tools. I wish we could have had more time.”

S.C. Lee Jr. High 6th-grade student Lily Kika added, “It was full of different things to do and was really fun overall.”

S.C. Lee Jr. High 8th-grade student Selena Garza added, “The coolest part was making the soda.”

House Creek Elementary 5th-grade student Emberlynn Heritage added, “Girls STEM day was very fun, there were a lot of activities, some involved using your brain for strategies and other ones, you had to create. We made harmonicas, lava lamps and keychains. We also learned about coral, like when they die and dry out, they leave behind a skeleton.”

House Creek Elementary 5th-grade student Daisy Murphy added, “We got to learn about statistics, circuits, insulators and conductors.”

Participating CCISD students wore shirts designed by Copperas Cove High School graphic design student Alyssa Patterson.

Photos from the trip can be seen here.