SchoolMessenger Notification System

In September 2011, CCISD contracted with SchoolMessenger, a leading provider of notification services for parental outreach, emergency broadcasts, student attendance alerts and other communications for education.

The SchoolMessenger system is designed to automatically notify parents for reasons that impact the safety and/or academic performance of students. SchoolMessenger will extend the district's existing community outreach efforts and emergency prepardness procedures, as well as inform parents of upcoming school/district events such as, inclement weather delays/closures, early release, holidays etc.

How Am I Being Contacted?

The contact information you provided the district when registering your student(s) is inserted into our data management system. We take this contact information and upload it to your school's SchoolMessenger account. This is the phone number(s) the district and/or the school will use to contact you.

Parent Contact Profiles

SchoolMessenger also allows parents the opportunity to update your personal contact profiles. You have the ability to customize how you are contacted by the SchoolMessenger system and include your email address and a phone number to receive SMS texts.

Parents: Visit our SchoolMessenger Contact Manager today to personalize your contact profile.

To learn more about SchoolMessenger, please visit the website